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To sync Steppes by attributing development meanings and planting sustainability ideas, a great amount of theoretical knowledge and creative experience is needed in such fields as destination branding, development communication and geosemiotics.

Scarce research and general information is reflected in lack or underdevelopment of international relations such as South-South cooperation.

If we could have a better understanding of the situation in Libya and give relevant risk evaluation reports, much loss would have been avoided — Wei Jianguo, director of the Chinese Society for African Studies, said in relation to the 2011 civil war in Libya.


Steppes in Sync is currently partnered with the following projects:

African Creative Content, Talent and Literary Agency (Zimcreative agency)

Zimcreative agency is the youngest in the family of our projects. It is a partnership between Steppes in Sync founder, Andy Kozlov, and the creatives from across the African continent aiming at creative resilience in the world of constant unpredictability.


Afriwood is a Zimbabwe-based African film distribution company with offices in Harare, Zimbabwe and Randburg, South Africa. Founded by Stephen Chigorimbo in 2010, Afriwood promotes and distributes African movies in such a way that the producers make enough revenue to work on their next production. Afriwood brand is supported by the Federation of African Filmmakers (FEPACI), continental film body.
In November 2013 Stephen Chigorimbo and Steppes in Sync founder, Andy Kozlov, were manning the Zimbabwe International Film Festival stand during the 2013 Discop Africa, an annual media content market in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Facilitated by Steppes in Sync, Afriwood traveled to Kyiv as a seller at the 2012 Ukrainian Content Market.

Afriwood founder Stephen Chigorimbo in downtown Harare (Photo by Andy Kozlov, 2012)

basic leadan independent agency that creates proprietary branded B2B and B2C events, award ceremonies and public relations functions promoting cross-border, content development, production and distribution business.

Basic Lead encouraged our founder Andy Kozlov in a trememndous way by inviting him to speak at one of the panel discussions during the 2013 Discop Africa, an annual content market in Johannesburg. Basic Lead is also supportive of other growing media activities by African content creators such as the Zimbabwe International Film Festival.

Basic Lead owns a portfolio of brands which includes DISCOP™, a franchise of regionally focused content and projects markets; DISCOPRO™, an informative and training program dedicated to co-production opportunities; DISBOOK™, a publication covering the new frontiers of television pop-culture; THE REMAKES MARKET™, a Film and TV adaptation rights market™.

Creative Sloboda

an initiative to promote young Eastern Ukrainian creative talent, introduce these creatives to cultural trends in other developing countries and link them with the talent and opportunities inside and outside Ukraine. Creative Sloboda prepares articles and presentations in Russian and Ukrainian on multiculturalism, religion, creative career development and media literacy for various Ukrainian audiences. We consulted Kramatorsk Community Development Fund as part of our effort to disseminate information about media literacy, sustainable development and international cooperation.

UNDP presentation at the Kramatorsk Central Library, October 27 2012 (A version of an image by Dima Alimkin)

In October 2012, we made two presentations about the United Nations, international humanitarian work and sustainable development in Donetsk and Kramatorsk. The presentation in Donetsk took place at the Donetsk institute of tourism business.

Euro 2012 livery in Kramatorsk, Eastern Ukraine (Photo by Andy Kozlov, 2010)

a collaborative effort of Zimbabweans and international friends who are encouraging a culture of reading by providing materials and access to information in and about Zimbabwe.


Attributing Meanings, Planting Ideas

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