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Consider subscribing to one of our courses of twenty five 30-minute sessions customizable according to your community needs.

Currently, we offer four courses: #SolutionLiteracy: the Art of Thinking Clearly, How to Do Things with Words.

Have our founder Andy Kozlov talk at your event about creating and syndicating content that brings awareness, changes behaviours and fosters social harmony in your community a.k.a. The 10 Commandments of Development Communicator

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Operating in the following three business areas: consulting, research, PR, we can provide your business, international mission or non-profit with creative policy advice and business solutions with a focus on  cultural exchange and cooperation.

What does it actually mean?

You think of entering new markets, say Ukraine, Nigeria or Zimbabwe. Whatever you do in that direction will require a lot of research and local knowledge. And even if you ask your major international consulting company to help you steer clear through the murky waters, they won’t be there for you all the time. Or it will be just getting to pricy to keep them at hand.

You need reliable research with a personal touch, or look for a local representative?

We will broaden your options and shake the networking bushes for you.

If our advice helps you and you feel like supporting our future work, please consider making a donation, not to us but to the charities we feel passionate about through

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Japanese kombi on a street of central Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (photo by Andy Kozlov, 2011)

Attributing Meanings, Planting Ideas

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