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I am urging that we should learn about people in other places, take an interest in their civilizations, their arguments, their errors, their achievements, not because that will bring us to agreement but because it will help us get used to one another—something we have a powerful need to do in this globalized era. — Kwame Anthony Appiah

Andy Kozlov (Андрій Козлов) @KozlovAndyLinkedIn

Your personal zeitguide, writer, systems integrator

Solution literacy, negotiations and public speaking coach #SmartcityAfrica #Refugees #solutionliteracy #heuristicmethods #softskills #creativeresilience

People don’t buy what you do; they only care if you help them handle their passions and fears.

Andy Kozlov @KozlovAndy #SmartcityAfrica #Refugees #solutionliteracy #heuristicmethods #softskills promotes cultural industries to bring awareness, change behaviours and foster social harmony in Your community a.k.a. The 10 Commandments of Development Communicator.

He started contributing to joint projects with the likes of Fabrica | the Benetton group communications research center in 2009, when he was doing his MA in social communications in Rome. Since then, Andy has managed communications and social development projects in Zimbabwe and Ukraine and consulted on four continents for local and international businesses from fields as diverse as IoT, safaris, media, outdoor lighting, organic fertilizer, medical equipment, education, electric mobility, e-commerce and luxury villas.

Systems integrator, on numerous occasions, he liaised with global institutions and foreign missions like UNESCO, UNDP, UNV, UNHCR and UNICEF, Danone, the Holy See as well as Embassies of the Russian Federation, South Korea, South Sudan, Italy, Japan.

Andy is an avid consumer of media in Russian, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and — increasingly — Arabic and Mandarin.

Andy is working on his first novel Hic Sunt Ukrainians: Europe’s East in the Tales of Its Young Africanist. (See an excerpt from the novel)

Watch interview with Andy published by SmartMonkeyTV in February 2014.

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Tendai Huchu

Tendai is a Scotland-based Zimbabwean author. Tendai Huchu‘s novel The Hairdresser of Harare was reviewed by Steppes in Sync in our post The Russian Barber of Harare. As a sign of appreciation, he reviewed Marina Lewycka’s Two Caravans for us.

Derin Ajao

Aderinsola Ajao is a Lagos-based Nigerian culture journalist and film critic (member of African Federation of Film Critics and FIPRESCI) whose work appeared in the Daily Sun  (the highest selling newspaper in Nigeria) and Daily Times. Derin also blogs. For us, she covered African film stories like the prospects of 3D technology in Nigeria. Derin currently works with the Goethe-Institut in Lagos.


Liubomyr Medyk

Liubomyr Medyk is a young Hutsul culture expert. His family runs an ethnic museum as well as a souvenir shop in Yaremche in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Liubomyr studied history in Lviv. For us he covered the 2012 Lviv Book Fair.


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