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Steppes in Sync

 Синхронні степи (Ukrainian)

草原上的同步 (Mandarin)

A cultural do tank that provides creative policy advice and business solutions to the companies and governments in the majority world nations, as well as international agencies.

Operating at the crossroads of creativity and sustainable development, we currently work in such regions as Southern and West Africa as well as Eastern Europe. We focus on Nigeria, South Africa, Ukraine and ZimbabweSteppes in our terminology.

We conduct research, do PR and consult to get a better world.

Cultural diplomacy, systems integration, solution literacy, true-cost valuation and hospitality is what we stand behind.

The 10 Commandments of Development Communicator

To sync creative minds from Steppes, humans need to innovate sustainable transportation and achieve an ever greater disruption in information and communication technologies.

We Attribute development Meanings, Plant sustainability Ideas.


Steppes in Sync blog appreciated

In January 2015, architecture researcher at Bulawayo-based National University of Science and Technology, Blessing Mukome  — working on a database of all historical and contemporary buildings in Zimbabwe — wrote to us noting that our blog is “one of the few sources.. that have the information that would help me gather some form of comprehensive picture of Zimbabwe’s architecture after independence.”

In August 2014, our blog was followed by Martin Gilbraith, Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) President. Mr Gilbraith has experience of work with the Overseas Development Institute, Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, among numerous others.

In April 2014, international art collector Marie Imbrova reprinted our article about a Czech-Zimbabwean exhibition, on her site.

In March 2014, the Shadow and Act collective mentioned us in their Amid Crisis, Ukrainian Producers Team Up w/ Nigerian Filmmakers In 1st Feature-Length Co-Production piece by Tambay A Obenson.

In February 2014, SmartMonkeyTV published a video of a conversation between Russell Southwood and Steppes in Sync founder Andy Kozlov. The interview about the Ukrainian-Nigerian co-production, Feathered Dreams,  covered: how the production came to be made; the storyline in the film; and how it is planned to distribute the film.

In the Fall 2013 edition of Disbook Magazine, Basic Lead’s Françoise Lazard linked to Steppes in Sync and used information provided by us in her article “Ukraine Meets Nollywood“.

In August 2013, our founder Andy Kozlov was mentioned on the website of a Kyiv-based film company Highlight Pictures in connection to his service as an Ukrainian United Nations Volunteer finetuning the company’s relations with partners abroad.

In May 2013, Steppes in Sync was mentioned in an article on the website of the  British Film Institute.

In January 2013, Anamaria Wills, UK-based CEO & Founder of CidaCo (creativity and innovation company promoting culture for development in 34 countries), wrote on our Facebook wall, “We.. find your contributions genuinely fascinating.”

The 3rd edition of an online initiative A Day in the Life of Ukraine  featured one of our members’ essay about.. EXACTLY his day in Ukraine on November 1, 2012.

Daily Sunthe highest selling newspaper in Nigeria, published Derin Ajao‘s interview with our founder about African films and the Eastern European market. The interview saw the sun in Lagos and beyond on September 21, 2012. A couple days later, the interview was republished on the official website of the African Federation of Film Critics.

The Nollywood Express linked to Steppes in Sync kinked to We used to be glued to telenovellas: Ukrainian coproducer of a Nollywood flick thinks there is no way African films will be popular with the Post-Soviet viewer on June 15, 2012.

On June 14, 2012, the widest circulated print newspaper in the United States USA Today linked to Steppes in Sync analysis of the KONY 2012 video as media for development.

Film Biz Africa magazine talked to Steppes in Sync founder  for their 5th issue.


Global Literacy Challenge (Photo by Andy Kozlov)

Attributing Meanings, Planting Ideas

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