Army help reduce shortage of schools in southern Zimbabwe, 108 to go

Summarized from a story by Thupeyo Muleya

Zimbabwe has to build 2,000 schools to meet current demand.

Out of which, 20 primary, 75 satellite and 13 secondary schools are lacking in Matabeleland South.

The province also has to cope with a dropout trend at secondary level, where children had to walk for 5-10 km to the nearest school. Most of the dropouts come from communities living along the borders with Botswana and South Africa.

Major General Trust Mugoba, Zimbabwean army’s Chief of Staff responsible for operations and training says Beitbridge had the least number of army-initiated infrastructure development projectsand the army works to address this issue.

Beitbridge is a Zimbabwean  border town located just north of the Limpopo River, 321 km north-west to Bulawayo and 585 km north-east to Harare via Masvingo. The Beitbridge border post is the busiest road border post in southern Africa.


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