Inspired by the largest inflatable screen in South Africa, Khayelitsha Bin Cleaning Project raises funds for the first outdoor movie screening Ekasi

by Andy Kozlov

Buhle Nicholas Sithela with an inflatable movie screen on the slopes of Table Mountain in Vredehoek, Cape Town

His name is Buhle Nicholas Sithela, 20. He has a goal. And he is working towards it through the Khayelitsha Bin Clean Project.

Family man Buhle in Khayelitsha

Khayelitsha, Cape Town is the largest and fastest growing township in South Africa.

Buhle’s goal? Inspired by his previous experience with Short & Sweet (owner of the largest inflatable screen in South Africa), he wants to host an open air cinema screening for kids in Cape Town’s Harare.

Buhle explains:

I gathered my friends Abongile and Sivuyile and we saw opportunity and we started cleaning bins for people in our community. We charge R50 (<US$4) for monthly service. With 25 clients, we clean for houses, spazas and an education centre. We plan to get registered to also clean for schools, government offices and malls. We can engage youth in this project and for them to stop sitting in corners and having bad thoughts.

In public security terms, Harare is reportedly the toughest area to police in Khayelitsha. While the national average of police officers to civilians in a policing precinct is 1 to 303, in Harare it is 1 to 903 (figure as of 2014). But it is also a place where public library-going kids play Nintendo’s Wii games.

Clients can reach Buhle via whatsapp.


Our target is 100 bins to make R10,000 (ca US$700) .Then we will purchase equipment for hosting movie screenings for school kids in their school halls where we will educate and inspire them through short film and documentaries.

Buhle reached out to me through Open Air Cinema, USA’s premier outdoor cinema production company

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