This Russian-English app by Igor Kalinin will uncover a seasoned, as well as inspiring, international traveller in You

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Download our essential Words Do Wonders app
WordsDoWonders – Android App by Igor Kalinin in partnership with Steppes in Sync

The Words Do Wonders app created by Ukraine’s India-based IT master Igor Kalinin in partnership with Steppes in Sync targets a seasoned, as well as inspiring, international traveller.

We have scoured the papers and flipped international news channels for you. We bet you know lots of words in our collection. The philological pearls that we worked hard to put at your fingertips 365 days a year are those inspired, consumed and deployed daily by the readers and writers, movers and shakers of this world. We are talking Bloomberg TV, FT and Monocle. We are talking WORDS THAT DO WONDERS TODAY!

The value the Words Do Wonders app brings to you is building on the thesaurus that your brain has collected over the years. We enrich it, streamline it for that cocktail chat on the roof of a posh NYC hotel to generate new opportunities; for that negotiation in a breezy Dubai bar to result in the deal you just wanted.

You can pick your words from three levels:

Words Do Wonders Basic – words that you know but we will help you go deeper and wider. You’ll be equipped to frequently impress your interlocutor

Words Do Wonders Intermediate – words that you think you know but we challenge that certainty of yours, one word at a time

Words Do Wonders Advanced – words that you need to know to become a successful and inspiring jet-setter

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