Zimbabwean sculpture raises funds in 12th century Prague monastery, for Kenyan kids

MIRO Gallery, situated on the grounds of the mid-12th century Strahov Monastery, is one of the most popular galleries in Prague, Czech Republic.

Transferred to Prague from Berlin in April 1994, this creative space is accommodated by the Renaissance era Church of St. Rochus.

Home to European Trebbia Awards, on October 29 the gallery gave tribute to a master of stone from Zimbabwe whose statue auctioned out and raised  ca USD9,500 for the kids of Rusinga Island in the eastern part of Lake Victoria, Western Kenya.

Inspired by friendship with Zimbabwe sculpture artist Lovemore Bonjisi and support she extends to his creations, Dr. Marie Imbrová, an expert on Africa and founding member of the Tengenenge Friends Club in the Czech Republic, donated one of Mr Bonjisi pieces to The Centre Narovinu, the organizer of the auction.

The proceeds from the auction will help repair the dining hall at the community center Island of Hope. This covers construction of a new kitchen to improve the situation with providing food for 400 kids from low-income families.

November 13-20, Dr. Imbrova will be in Nairobi to visit the International Charity Bazaar, handover of the Christmas presents to a local NGOs.

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