205 years after the last Russo-Swedish war, this Swedish-Ukrainian production takes you to Berlin to discover how much freedom your government lets you have

People familiar with the matter have no doubt that Russians will eventually learn to live with Ukraine in the EU. No-one will, though, tell you when exactly Ukraine will graduate to the EU member status and when Russia will come to appreciate such a combination in its neighborhood.

Shot in Berlin, during a pro-Russian rally in support of March 2014 Crimean “referendum”, The Wall is a reflection film directed by the Ukrainian filmmaker Sergii Volkov. The German capital is one of those places that dramatically influenced the whole past century. Will Ukraine’s Kyiv — with its recent Euromaidan events — prove to be a protagonist of the dramatic and, admittedly, much needed change in the rapidly globalizing world?

A Swedish-Ukrainian documentary, The Wall is free from any built-in comments, voice over. Everything is built on observing the events. You will have a sense that you are there, amidst those events.

We can only hope that your government and state media will allow you to choose which side you take.

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