A Different Nollywood by SmartMonkeyTV: Andy Kozlov on the first Nigerian-Ukrainian co-production ever

Steppes in Sync founder and consultant to the Ukrainian-Nigerian production, Andy Kozlov (Twitter), talks about Feathered Dreams (Trailer), first feature film entirely shot in English in Ukraine.

This conversation happened in the leafy garden of Joburg’s Garden Court Sandton City during 2013 DISCOP Africa media market.

The interview covers: how the production came to be made; the storyline in the film; and how it is planned to distribute the film.

Special thanks to:

Russell Southwood (Twitter), the CEO of Balancing Act, a consultancy and research company focused on telecoms, internet and broadcast in Africa.

Patrick Jucaud-Zuchowicki, the founding manager of Los Angeles and Johannesburg-based BASIC LEAD, a B2B event management company with more than 25 years of experience planning trade-shows, conference programs and matchmaking programs for media industries.

Vladimir Grayvoronskiy (Twitter/Les médias en Russie blog), Russia-born member of BASIC LEAD that helps operate the DISCOP AFRICA and DISCOP WEST ASIA industry gatherings, facilitating content development, production and distribution business across and with fast-developing regions of the world. DISCOP stands for “Discounted Program Market”.

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