Why you wanna look for Slavic linguistics grads to promote your fashion brand in Ukraine

Ukrainian fashion designer Lera Leshchova’s profile on Facebook

If you wonder what future holds for a graduate of a Kyiv university majoring in Slavic languages, here is a story of one such person — Nikolai Bazanov.

Nikolai Bazanov
Nikolai Bazanov

He translates and negotiates on behalf of the first Nigerian-Ukrainian feature film, he copyrights, he advocates for Ukraine as an international film-making destination and — as of recently — this energetic young Ukrainian does his best to promote an up-and-coming fashion brand L L.

LL is the combination of the initials of Ukrainian fashion designer Lera Leshchova, who aged 16 already cooperated with a top Ukrainian couturier Mikhail Voronin on woman dress production. A bit of trivia here: in 2002, a giant tuxedo the height of a three-story building was designed and created by Voronin and was listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Ms Leshchova’s first collection was launched in 2012 at Mercedes- Benz Ukranian Kiev Fashion Days. In 2010 Lera Leshchova opened her own independent studio.

Nikolai Bazanov planning for his next creative project
Nikolai Bazanov planning for his next creative project

As of this year, Lera uses Mr Bazanov’s expertise to further promote her creative work. Nikolai recruited Alessandro Buzzi, an Italian Vogue stylist to give them a hand in the run up to the 2013 Mercedes- Benz Ukranian Kiev Fashion Days. Here are some shots of L L fall-winter 2013-14 collection that was featured at the fashion event. The collection was inspired by the early 20th century architectural and art styles like Art Deco.

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