Ask Africa-s second largest university-s grads about ways to promote the homeland of Africa-s oldest boat


What would you do if your nation of over 150 million with the longest ancient earthworks in the world, 40+ life forms that exist nowhere else on the planet and home to the oldest boat in Africa (8,000 years old) wasn’t presenting all this heritage to the world in an adequate manner?

It didn’t take Samuel Okopi, a young architect and writer, and mechanical engineer George Okewih much time to answer the question. They launched The Green Heritage, a Nigerian initiative founded in September 2011 by these two pals from the Zaria-based Ahmadu Bello University, the largest one in Nigeria and second largest (second to Cairo University) in Africa.

“For example not many people know that a state in Nigeria has more languages than 30 African countries,” says Samuel in an email conversation with Steppes in Sync.

“In keeping with our vision to present Nigeria’s cultural and natural heritage in stunning new ways, we are preparing to produce a movie of the above working title, that will feature groundbreaking special effects, realistic 3D animation and well-produced live footage that will bring about a movie like none ever seen from Nigeria,” he further lays out the destination marketing plans for Nigeria.

From Left to Right: George Okewi and Samuel Okopi
From Left to Right: George Okewi and Samuel Okopi

“This movie is essentially the accumulation and distillation of all our research of the past 18 months into one amazing film. And to show the world how serious we are, we have produced a short film of approximately eight minutes that gives a scenic demonstration of some of the advanced animation we would be employing to tell our story in the movie, and some teasers that should create anticipation for the marvels to be unraveled in the movie.”

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4 thoughts on “Ask Africa-s second largest university-s grads about ways to promote the homeland of Africa-s oldest boat”

  1. This is great! I look forward to seeing a movie that will project all the blessedness and richness of this green country of ours…way to go, guys!

  2. Good to know that some sons of Africa are alive to the to the responsibility and vested interest of developing the continent and its people. I know Samuel Okopi, and familiar with The Green Heritage Project. I can vouch for his credibility.

  3. wow… chemo. i knew u were somethings else. more grease to ur elbow n looking forward to this coming master piece…..

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