Don’t get quickly discouraged. The United Nations will answer Your questions if you are persistent enough

If you had a chance to ask the United Nations Information Centre for your country five questions what would those be?

In case of Ukraine, Steppes in Sync blogging community had this chance and asked Ms Victoria AndrievskaUNIC head in this Eastern European country, the following set of questions:

Question # 1 Jens Lubbadeh, a journalist who contributed to the Greenpeace Magazine and UNESCO Courier (the main magazine published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), wrote in the UNESCO Courier July-September 2011 issue:

According to “Youth in Europe, A statistical portrait” (2009 edition, Eurostat, European Commission), only 4% of young Europeans are members of a political party. And only 16% believe that parliament is the best place to make oneself heard.

Young Europeans feel that non-parliamentary political engagement is even more effective – holding debates (30%), taking part in demonstrations (13%) or supporting a petition or NGO (11%). It is interesting to see that young people are more willing to trust political institutions, like Parliament, than the politicians themselves. And supranational institutions attract even more support – 70% of young people have respect for the European Parliament and the United Nations.

On this point, young people set themselves clearly apart from older people. They probably no longer think in terms of national frontiers and see networking and cooperation as positive factors that inspire confidence.

How would you characterize the attitude of the Ukrainian youths to the United Nations? How is it different from the trend among the EU youths? How can international networking and cooperation along the lines of Your Organization be enhanced among the Ukrainian youths?

un creative outreach

Question # 2 As UNIC Ukraine Head, you hold an unique perspective on the public relations campaigns implemented by the UN in Ukraine. Please name two or three major PR campaigns done in the last five years by such United Nations entities as UNICEF and UNDP in Ukraine.

Question # 3 What are the major challenges in communicating the United Nations’ work to the Ukrainian public? What does Brand UN stand for, as perceived by an average Ukrainian?

Question # 4 Many organizations have a false idea that the UN is there to distribute funds in form of grants and support social development initiatives by giving cash. Please explain why this is a wrong perception and what is the right way for businesses and NGOs to seek partnership with the UN in Ukraine.

Question # 5 Please explain how Ukrainian film companies, and creative agencies (including photo studios and PR organizations) can partner with Your Organization within the framework of the United Nations Creative Community Outreach Initiative?

UNIC Ukraine is a busy body, as naturally are the 13 International Organizations, Agencies, and Associated Institutions that form the UN Country Team in Ukraine. So we will probably have little foundation to assert that questions by bloggers will be answered any time soon.

Which means that, in the meantime, Steppes in Sync community wants to encourage You our followers and contributors to think up more questions for the UN in your respective regions, pose them any second you get a chance to ask questions and let the UN know that coming up collectively with answers to questions like the ones you read above does matter. This we believe will ensure  a more effective communication of the causes supported by the United Nations and us the Citizens of this World.


Don’t get discouraged, be pesistent and one day you will get hurt!

Sometime this month, we will be letting you know what Mr Shinobu Mashima, new coordinator for the United Nations Volunteers in Ukraine, has to say when we sit down with him over sushi in Kyiv to ask:

How Ukrainian youths can become UN Volunteers?

What level of expertise is generally required of Ukrainians to become a UN Volunteer?

and much more — Mr Mashima has had some experience of work in Africa.

Did you know: there are currently only 18 Ukrainian nationals serving as UNVs in Ukraine, a nation of over 40 million.

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