UN4U in Eastern Ukraine

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Last month  the United Nations marked 67 years of existence. To build momentum for the United Nations Day, the UN System in Kenya organized an UN4U Outreach Campaign, an educational programme which underlines the role and objectives of the UN.

Our founder Andy Kozlov answered the call from the United Nations in Ukraine and made two presentations about the UN system, in Donetsk and Kramatorsk.

UNDP’s Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Program officer, Halyna Smirnova, kindly provided Andy with handout materials and presentation kit. Her colleagues Olena Ursu and Iryna Skaliy supported us with pieces of advice.

The first presentation took place at Donetsk Institute of Tourism Business on October 25. Here the organizational process was facilitated by the Peace Corps volunteer Robert Lang. Mr Lang studied American Indian History at University of Wyoming before joining the American volunteer organization and moving to Ukraine for two years in 2011.

Andy Kozlov about the presentation in Donetsk:

I wanted to familiarize these young college students with the idea that you can travel the world without being very rich and do more out there than just observe the local population or lie on the beach. So I told them about my experience as a volunteer with Zimbabwe reads. I directed them to the idea of volunteering with the UN, talked to them briefly about the concept of sustainable development pioneered by the United Nations Development Program.

Two days after the presentation in Donetsk, Andy talked to a group of bloggers and aspirants to blogging in Kramatorsk. “I encouraged them to take a fresh look at Eastern Ukraine, consider this region from the point of view of sustainable development and international cooperation. I showed them a couple slides from the presentation about the work of UNDP in Ukraine and invited them to write about such development efforts in their blogs.”

Steppes in Sync sees this year’s UN4U Outreach Campaign in Ukraine as the corner stone in building working relationships between local NGOs in Donetsk oblast and the UN system organizations of Ukraine.

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