How do you increase South-South cooperation within creative industries? Using Information Technology?

Demand is skyrocketing for creative talent moving online.

Gazing into online work trends, Elance, the leading global platform for online employment, released its 2012 Global Online Employment Report several months ago.

Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance:

“The ease of working online – coupled with the ability to instantly connect with a highly specialized global talent pool – is driving massive adoption of online work. For the first time, demand for technical talent is being matched by equally strong demand for creative talent.”

“Demand for creative skills such as web design (+574%), voice acting (+295%) and content writing (+256%) were each up significantly over a year ago. While technology remains the top earning category for online jobs, more professionals in traditional careers are leaving the cubicle lifestyle for the freedom of online employment. Skilled professionals like manufacturing designers (+241%) and architects (+198%) are joining the online work community faster than ever.”

Now, we at Steppes in Sync have questions about how representative the Elance report is of the overall sutiation in the global creative industries outside the platform’s reach. How rapidly cultural industries are developing worldwide and spill over nations’ borders in the off-line world?

Naturally, experts on the subject will direct you to a hefty United Nations 2010 Creative Economy report.

And in terms of regional and national examples for Africa, you can read the following:

2011 African Creative Economy conference report (pdf)

South African “Mzansi’s Golden Economy Contribution of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Sector to the New Growth Path” (pdf)

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s “Strengthening the creative industries for development in Zambia” (pdf)

and a similar document for Mozambique – “Fortalecendo as industrias criativas para o desenvolvimento em Moçambique” (pdf)

Lots of interesting information, certainly. Now one has to decide on how to create more jobs in the cultural industries inspired by this information, and how to connect nations in the South between each other using online as a springboard.

According to Elance, world’s Top 10 Hiring Countries among their clients include

1. United States
2. Australia
3. United Kingdom
4. Canada
5. Singapore
6. Netherlands
7. Israel
8. Germany
9. United Arab Emirates
10. Switzerland

While the Top 10 Contractor Countries are

1. United States
2. India
3. Pakistan
4. Ukraine
5. United Kingdom
6. Russia
7. Canada
8. Romania
9. China
10. Philippines

Which is a clear North-South pattern. If you have ideas on how to link Ukraine with the Philippines or Romania with Zimbabwe, don’t hesitate and let us know.

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