Temperament of Cuba exhibition to be held in Kyiv. Courtesy of Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Ukraine and Afro-Cuban beauty connoisseur Dayami Morales

An artwork by Noel Hechavarria Pernas

Afro-Cuban beauty connoisseur, Dayami Morales, partnered with the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Ukraine for the second time already to educate Ukrainian art-lovers about the latest developments in the Afro-Cuban visual culture.

The Temperament of Cuba exhibition will be launched at Kyiv’s J. Greter Gallery/Арт-центр Якова Гретера on November 22 at 7 pm.

The exhibition  will feature works of fine art, photography and documentary films by renowned Cuban artists. The films will present both real and imaginary accounts of the ‘Isla de Libertad.’ Besides these, the Temperament of Cuba will surprise its visitors with improvised politics- and culture-themed art installations.

The fresh works by Juan Antonio Alfonso SerranoLidia Ester Aguilera SanchezNoel Hechavarria PernasIvan Hernandez (Hidalgo)Ruben Fernandez Leal (who does three-dimensional art; when you look at it from three different angles, you see three different pictures), Salvador Gonzáles Escalona‘s son Dannae and student Jose Alberto Perdomo. Their artwork is rooted into the Africa-inspired Cuban myths and narratives.

Part of the proceeds of the artwork sales will go to the future  projects aimed at strengthening the cultural bond between Cuba and Ukraine.

This celebration of Afro-Caribbean artistic talent will be open to the public from November 23 till January 23, 2013.

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