How Ukraine is providing the world with high-end IT solutions. Via Uruguay’s Montevideo

Up till now, the reports have been mixed.

Ukraine-founded screenshot

The Computer Business Review wrote today that

Google is planning [bold ours] to acquire Ukraine-based developer of facial recognition technology, Viewdle.

[And] according to report the deal could be worth $45m.

While The Next Web goes:

As we’ve already reported, news has broken via Forbes that facial recognition startup Viewdle has been acquired for a figure of around $30 million.

The report that we read yesterday on the Ukrainian Ekonomichna Pravda put it loud and clear:

The biggest deal ever has recently been sealed in the Ukrainian IT sector.

Further referencing the Ukrainian edition of Forbes, the report goes:

On the night of September, 24-25, the board of  Viewdle approved the deal with Google, which is to acquire 100% of the [Ukraine-founded] start-up. [While] the sum of the deal is not being announced.

Viewdle was established in 2007 by Yegor Anchishkin and Yuriy Musatenko who saw a business opportunity in the research conducted by the Kyiv-based Institute of Cybernetics. Viewdle is backed by Best Buy Capital, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Partners Fund and Qualcomm’s venture arm.

The company has developed software which allows smartphone manufacturers to integrate facial-recognition technology into their handsets and its SocialCamera app helps in automatically tagging Facebook friends. Viewdle owns a number of patents.

Ukrainian tech experts, especially in the mobile gaming industry, are becoming ever more popular with large international IT companies that are happy to get parts of their projects done on a professional level for less money compared to more demanding IT specialists in the West.

Earlier we wrote about another creativity-related Ukrainian company Filmotechnik, whose camera equipment was used to film such movies as Transformers, Thor, The Fast And Furious 3 Tokyo Drift, Titanic, War of the Worlds, Kingdom of Heaven, Mission Impossible 3, Torque,  Ocean’s 12, Fantastic Four, V for Vendetta, Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire  and the Da Vinci Code.

Cloud Sourcing infographic by the Kramatorsk-founded QuartSoft Corp.

Then there is a post-production company, Terminal FX, that is behind such blockbusters as The Scorpion King 3, Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning and Ночной дозор.

And in Kramatorsk, Eastern Ukraine QuartSoft Corp. was founded in 1999 in Kramatorsk, Eastern Ukraine. With offices in the US and EU, it is offering American startups all the benefits of outsourcing to the offshore team with years of experience in the domain of eCommerce, cloud and mobile systems backed up with a large portfolio containing over 900 successfully completed projects.

A logo by Igor Lukyanov created for UZURI Magazine

Also in Eastern Ukraine, lives Igor Lukyanov, an illustrator who began building his fashion illustration portfolio while working closely with Africa-themed US-based magazines like BHF.

From the point of view of South-South cooperation, Viewdle is also an interesting case study as well. Headquartered in San Jose, California, this only independent, mobile-focused computer-vision company operates from offices in Kyiv, Ukraine and Montevideo, Uruguay, southernmost cosmopolitan capital city in the Americas and third most southern in the world.  According to Mercer Human Resource Consulting estimate made five years back, Montevideo provided the highest quality of life in Latin America.

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