Ukraine’s own ‘Zaha Hadid’ introduces the gentrifying Eastern Europe to the Iranian-inspired design

this information was provided by Emmanuel Idahosa

Solmaz Fooladi is Ukraine’s Zaha Hadid






As London puts last touches on  Zaha Hadid’s Aquatics Centre before the 2012 Summer Olympics

Zaha Hadid-designed Aquatics Centre in London

opens up to the world later this month, (See What the world’s only active Somali archaeologist has in common with the Iraqi-British winner of the Pritzker architecture prize) in the post-EURO 2012 Ukraine another Iranian-stemming designer is busy perfecting her craft. (See South African training for UkrainiansSwitch on Ukraine! To then do what?, Post-Soviet nations gradually embrace high-speed overland transportation and Euro-zabor)

Solmaz with The Sun, one of her creations

Solmaz Fooladi of Persian Primavera, an architecture and interior design studio, is no stranger to Ukraine. In fact, she’s been around here for over 14 years and is  a member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine. Like Zaha Hadid, Solmaz is an architect as well as an interior, product and fashion designer.

Some of Solmaz’s creations include a collection of lamps made of concrete, accompanied by a collection of clothes and stylized images of Persian Goddesses. “LIGHT & Me” (the name of the collection) was first presented in a showroom LUXON, followed by a presentation at the Ukrainian Wedding Fashion Week.

As pockets of the Ukrainian society accumulate more disposable income, Ukrainians’ taste and aesthetic demands become more refined. Here is where the exquisite design with multicultural attributes (like the one exhibited by Solmaz) gradually takes the scene in the gentrifying Ukraine, over 20 years after its split from the Soviet Union.

Solmaz lives in Kyiv where she studied design.


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