Video Games Are Mapping Your World II: the world according to Playstation

It’s been almost a year since our founder, Andy Kozlov, talked about how Video Games Are Mapping Your World I. We decided to come back to the topic when we stumbled upon an old copy of PC Format. Their team did an awesome job mapping the world the way Sony makes PS gamers see it.

Reprinted with additions from a South African edition of PC Format (September 2011 issue)

Five continents, 96 games – this is the world according to Playstation

You’d be forgiven for thinking most games are set in New York City [See Navigating African cities through our own unique and diverse mental maps for more on NYC locations: fake vs real]. Check the stats, and you will be surprised. Developers have based their games in pretty much every corner of the globe, from Malibu to outback Australia, from Siberia to Cape Town.

But what’s most interesting is how games potray different regions [Steppes in SinS toponomy], often in terms of crass stereotypes.

We selected games on PSone, PS2 and PS3 set in the most populated areas of the world.


24% of games set in South America feature cowboys

71% of games set in Africa are violent

50% of games set in the UK deal with the paranormal

US American games by theme: 35% Sci-Fi, 30% war, 35% crime

14% of games set in Australia feature koala bears

57% of African games feature widlife – No wonder with all those safari tourism promos.

80% of Canadian games feature snow

66% of Far-Eastern heroes are law breakers

16 % of games set in the Middle East feature rappers

57% of games set in Europe are war games, with 57% of European games being set in the past – Old Ma’ Europe. Perhaps even larger percent of films and TV series in post-independence Ukraine is war-themed.

40% of UK games are set in London. What a surprise!

85% of games set in Africa have jungle settings. Another surprise!

57% of games set in Australia are sports games

Games set in Africa: Afrika (unnamed location), Far Cry 2 (Central Africa), Resident Evil 5 (Unnamed), Army of Two (Somalia), Little Big Planet (Unnamed), Sega Rally (Unnamed), Tomb Raider Legend (Ghana).

Sony came up with the games set even in Antarctica.

It is stunning how video games reflect the perceptions engraved into public mental maps of the world by other media: novels, TV series and movies. Just think of Scarface, Frankenstein or Wild Wild West.

As digestivo, let us offer you an overview done by Play Mag – “Marriage according Playstation.”


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