Adasia: untapping media markets in Central Asia

Adasia, a Russian-language web portal about Central Asian ad and media agencies, is less then a year old. However, during the last six months it has been supplying Central Asian creativity buffs with local surveys, trends and figures such as the fact that 75% of Azerbaijani ad agencies have their websites in reconstruction.

According to Adasia’s end-of-the-year survey, the Kazakh and Azerbaijani agencies are the main players in the region. Kyrgyz creatives are good at design and less so at the advertising side of it. Tajikistan manages to make do with less than three agencies, whereas Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are still to discover their potential.

Juan Pablo Valencia (photo courtesy of

The site is a collective effort of several local agencies from across the region:  IMedia (Kyrgyzstan), URA Marketing (Uzbekistan), Good-Day (Kazakhstan), and some creatives from and A Tashkent-based Brandbox Branding & Creative worked on the design of the web portal.

The most-awarded creative director in Central Asia Juan Pablo Valencia of TBWA Central Asia & Caucasus is a constant inspiration to the Adasia team.

Some facts about Central Asian advertising market from Adasia

Central Asia does not have any regional ad festival yet. Crystal Butterfly is the name of a festival in Azerbaijan.

The biggest number of video promos in 2011 was produced for cellphone companies.

In Tajikistan it is illegal to advertise cell phone services.

The largest number of ad agencies and design studios in Central Asia call Kazakhstan their home.

Uzbekistan imposed a ban on the use of red and black in outdoor advertisements.

Uzbekistan’s capital Tashkent hosts the biggest number of billboards in Central Asia.

Procter & Gamble operates the biggest media budget among FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) brands in Central Asia.

Kazakhstan-based Das Marketing/Mindshare is the largest media agency in the region.

URA Marketing from Uzbekistan is the oldest full-cycle ad agency in Central Asia.


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