From Zimbabwe to Australia: Stephen Chigorimbo on the International Public Television event

Steppes in Sync got a chance to talk to Stephen Chigorimbo at the beginning of December and learned a lot about his spanning-several-decades behind-the scenes experience with INPUT, an international pubic broadcaster event that we briefly mentioned previously on this blog.

Here’s what’ve learned about the history of the event on the African continent:

I have been in touch with Input since 1987 when I was at the Ouagadougou FESPACO film and television festival in Burkina Faso. That’s when I came across Sergio Borelli, one of the founders of INPUT. Then in 1991 we did Mini INPUT here in Harare alongside the Southern Africa Film Festival (of which I was the Vice Chair). It was the first time that INPUT came to Africa. Next thing they did was to organize a full-fledged INPUT event in Sithengi in Cape Town (2001). In 2008 in Sandton, Johannesburg, with a vast involvement on the part of SABC.


The INPUT program is a very important one for Africa because INPUT is about getting the public television like ZTV and SABC to collect programs from their producers that have been broadcast to go to that conference where producers from across the planet can give a critical opinion of them.

In 2008 during the INPUT in Johannesburg I met the coordinators like Timo-Erkki Heino from Finland and then they asked me to be the coordinator for Zimbabwe. In 2009 I was invited to be a on the selection committee. – This is when I went to Berlin. Since then I attended INPUT events in Poland and this year in South Korea.

We are now asking producers in Zimbabwe and in Southern Africa who have made interesting stories to submit them for the INPUT discussion next year.

The deadline is end of December. Your information can be sent via or one can send the DVD containing their production to the Goethe Institut in Milton Park, Harare, the Mini-INPUT hub for Zimbabwe.

INPUT 2012, the International Conference for Television in the Public Interest will be taking place in Sydney, Australia, 7-11 May 2012.

INPUT 2012 in Sydney will present screening and discussion sessions with approx. 80 programmes from about 30 countries around the world.


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