Nenets of the North

updated on Dec 14, 2011


This is how the speakers of Russian spell the name of the Nenets, a Saami-related indigenous people inhabiting Northern Siberia. Saami live in Finland, and Suomi is the Finnish name of this nation.

According to the latest census in 2002, there are 41,302 Nenets in the Russian Federation, most of them living in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Notamedia, a group of Russia-based creative minds behind the websites of Aeroflot, Echo Moskvy radio station, Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party and Lomonosov Moscow State University among many other prominent Russian institutions, have thought their best to rebrand the Nenets Autonomous Okrug and equip this lucrative investment destination with an investment-climate-proof online yurt, or chum as the nomadic Nenets call their tents.

The icons are designed as elements of Nenets traditional folk ornaments. The logo’s shape not only matches ornaments general pattern but also resembles the geografical shape of the region. One thing remains to be done: match the region’s actions with its new appealing look.

P.S. Young Siberians don’t wait for major  creative agencies to re-brand their regions. Check below a video by Mira Maximova, a Dalian-based Yakut lady, who combined the lyrics of a Russian folk song with the tune of a hit by Shakira in what many YouTubers found a very ear- and eye-pleasing performance. The clip proved such a hit that it was put into the evening news on one of Russia’s TV channels.


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