Bike’s help in developing Africa

Tomorrow sees the final day of  Equator 24, an annual cycling challenge launched last year by a group of amateur cyclists from Central Africa and the rest of the world, all passionate about education and sport in Africa.  Its first edition took place in Congo in August 2010 when three cyclists successfully completed the 1,0000 km from Ouesso (2 degrees north of the equator) to Brazzaville (4 degrees south of the equator).  The 2011 challenge covers a distance of 1,020 km between Brazzaville & Ouesso.

Frederic Nze, the initiator of Equator 24, is a Congolese who has lived in England for the last 10 years.  After a successful career with companies like American Express, GE and Barclays, Frederic decided in 2005 to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.

Cycling along the equator in Congo-Brazzaville

At the same time, he got involved with Promoting Equality in African Schools, or PEAS, that uses an innovative SmartAid model to develop sustainable secondary schools in Uganda, and soon also in Zambia. His objective, through Equator 24 is to raise funds for PEAS to complete its current programme of school buildings in Uganda and, at a later stage, to attract them to operate in the same way in Congo.

To help the team reach their challenging target of £200,000 you can donate on the Just Giving website by clicking on the donate button below.

Zambikes made of bamboo and shipped across the Atlantic

Unemployment is more than 50 % in Zambia, and literacy is low. For the past three years, Lusaka-based Zambikes has been serving the Zambian community with “quality, life-changing transportation products and healthy training and development for their employees,” in the organization’s own words. Now, through California-based Zambikes International, Zambikes’ products are being offered for sale around the globe.

The line of bamboo bicycles is available for worldwide delivery through Zambikes International’s online store — a complete single-speed bike costs 250 USD — with sales reps and demonstration outlets in six locations across the United States as well as a dealer in Capetown, South Africa. Also available from Zambikes are a cargo bike and a “Zambulance,” or bicycle ambulance trailer.


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