Lufthansa Regional still gets Ukraine wrong

by Andy Kozlov

Lufthansa Regional at Sknyliv – Lviv (LWO) (photo from

On a recent trip to Ukraine (LWO) from Zimbabwe (HRE), I got an unexpected dose of exoticism in the most unlikely leg of my 24-hour plane journey – on board of a Munich-Lviv flight operated by Lufthansa Regional (Lufthansa CityLine).

As a dozen passengers in the otherwise empty jet were routinely getting ready for the take-off and the German Lufthansa staff played a flight safety PA in German and English, even those Ukrainians, who posed as Germans, revealed their true origins by bursting into laughter, when the announcement in the third language made its way through the speakers. A combination of Ukrainian and occasional Polish words and phrases read with an ideal Russian accent was what made me curious and prompted me to talk to one of the flight attendants. 

Asking my question about what language she thought was the third PA recorded in, a sleek Lufthansa attendant suggested with a perfect German disposition, “Ukrainisch?”

At that moment, I had a slight feeling of regret that I didn’t pull out my dictaphone and in time to grab at least a bit of the PA in the mixed Slavic tongue. But judging from the responsiveness of Lufthansa (I gave the flight attendant my card suggesting that I could help point out to them what should be done to get their Ukrainian right), or, rather, lack of any response from them, I can expect that I will get my star moment next time I board

On arrival from Donetsk. Waiting to get on the MUC bus (photo by Andy Kozlov, September 2011)

a flight from Ukraine to Munich.

With up to 350 daily flights to more than 60 destinations, Lufthansa CityLine is the largest regional airline in EuropeThe longest route of Lufthansa CityLine’s route network is Munich-Donetsk. From Lufthansa hub Frankfurt, Lufthansa CityLine offers 24 destinations to 13 countries, including the shortest route: Frankfurt-Stuttgart. Lufthansa is part of the world’s largest airline alliance Star Alliance.

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Lufthansa Regional jet on the tarmac in Donetsk (photo by Andy Kozlov, September 2011)

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