How to wash hands creatively: lesson from Japan #2

On the 15 October, millions of children and adults in over 80 countries mark the fourth annual Global Handwashing Day with special events and activities. In 2009, UNICEF Japan and its partners have launched a project to promote handwashing among children in Japan and around the world.

As part of this effort, the renowned Japanese dancer Kaiji Moriyama has choreographed a dance for a public service announcement designed to teach children the principles of good handwashing.

Social Design Engine—a specialized planning unit of Dentsu (one of the largest advertising agency brands in the world, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo)—was created in response to increasing needs in the sphere of social communication.

Every year, millions of infants and children die from diarrheal disease and other illnesses caused by poor sanitary conditions. However, many such deaths could be prevented by thorough handwashing with soap. The “Global Handwashing Dance” was developed to enable children learn proper handwashing while also having fun. In joint effort with the Japan Committee for UNICEF, it has been promoted in Japanese elementary schools as well as at UNICEF offices in many developing countries.

Social Design Engine continues its dynamic involvement in many other projects, both in Japan and abroad. Examples include assisting in the start-up of a new music-based donation system, and providing support for a unique web-based project for addressing the issue of hunger.


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