Zimbabwe Tourism Authority to host 16 countries in partnership with PRC

Steppes in Sync previously wrote on the prospects of tourism in Africa. Our friends at Zimbojam earlier this week came out with more exciting news on the topic.

16 countries and their representative travel organisations are expected to display at this year’s Sanganai Hlanganani World Travel and Tourism Africa Fair, which will take place in Harare from October 7-12, 2011. Among them are the Angola Tourist board, Chadian Tourism Board, City of Durban, Embassy of China, Embassy of Indonesia, Embassy of Italy, Embassy of Kenya, Wales International and Zambia Tourist Trust.

The People’s Republic of China will be the partner country for the fair.

At a press conference held at his offices recently, Chief Executive of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), Mr. Karikoga Kaseke, said that the enthusiasm was evident. Most of the space available had already been booked by exhibitors at the tourism expo.  “Only 73 square meters is left from a total of 3,456 square meters available,” said Kaseke. Over 150 exhibitors have so far confirmed their participation in the upcoming travel and tourism showcase.

 Responding to a question on why they had chosen China as their partner, Kaseke said that the choice was based on markets that are performing better and whose people visit Zimbabwe more.  “Being the tourism industry we look at markets that are doing well. In 2006 we had 6,000 Chinese visiting the country. This has increased to 18,000 this year.”  “The fair is set to be a success with China recruiting exhibitors and buyers. There are also plans for artists to be flown in from the Republic of China to perform at the Tourism Night and Sanganai Chinese Night,” said the ZTA Chief.

Sanganai plans for the first time to do a pre-party event on the streets. “It will kick off on Saturday October, 8 in the form of a Sanganai street procession which will lead up to the Tourism Night.”   Tourism night will be held at the Glamis Arena and, besides the Chinese acts, will feature a number of Zimbabwean groups.

Out of the 16 foreign exhibitors who have booked space for this year’s Sanganai, 13 countries have confirmed their attendance and over 30 media houses from across the globe are expected to grace the fair while 290 buyers are expected to attend.  Kaseke said that Minister of  Tourism from Poland has also confirmed that he will attend the fair.

S anganai Hlanganani World Travel and Tourism Africa Fair will follow another important hospitality and branding-related international event taking place in Johannesburg,  in September: Brand Africa Expo 2011.


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