On trailers and containers

It was time trailers got a makeover. In Europe, they’ve made the decision to ad some glam to mobile homes, turning the distribution vehicles into sexy advertising tools 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.uniqlo container mobile store 06 Uniqlo | Unique Container Concept

A Freitag-themed trailer

Brands like Pepsi, Freitag and Pringles are already using this ad method to reach their European target markets. Since traditional communication media is getting saturated, creativity is the only way out!

The founder of Branding Magazine Nemanja Veselinović explains the transportation-inspired ideas behind Freitag. The roots of this brand were formed in 1993 by two brothers: Marcus and Daniel Freitag. These two graphic designers were inspired by cheerfully colored lorries rumbling along the cross-Zurich highway on the window of their flat. The idea was to cut out a truck tarpaulin and make a bag which would be functional and water-repellent, and also able to carry with ease.

Why water-repellent? Inspiration was coming from Zurich citizens as they are known for commonly traveling by bicycle, also called as “Velo”. Carry belts for their bags were made from car seat-belts, while used old bicycles were intended for edging.

Marcus and Daniel Freitag were inspired by cheerfully colored lorries rumbling along the cross-Zurich highway on the window of their flat.

You may be asking yourself, ‘Do they really cut truck tarpaulins to make a bag?’ Yes they do! Why don’t you try to make a bag out of tarpaulins on their site? Sounds crazy, but they’ve come up with this idea of allowing potential customers to make their own unique product using already cut tarpaulins in a very easy way – the material is of very high and durable quality.

Freitag also popped by the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Last year, the Swiss company announced a new co-operation with the football brand Pelé Sports. The two companies developed a new football, made from used truck tarpaulins, which is colourful and robust. It is the right equipment for the dirt pitches, young South African footballers are used to playing on.

In business, location is everything. But who says you can’t be in business before you find a location (or in this case, before your location is ready)? If you’re Uniqlo, you hire innovative designers LOT-EK to create some temporary venues and jump right in. And if the concept is cool enough, you’ll generate enough free publicity to get your product noticed. (See How to say NO to your brand message: lesson from Japan/)

Freitag shop in Zurich

Pretty smart, right? In 2008, as they waited for the completion of their swank 36,000 square foot SoHo flagship store, Uniqlo dropped several modified shipping containers around New York City and opened for business.

Functioning somewhere between the style of a summer street fair (common in the city) and a fully operating retail venue, the container stores were located in nine choice New York neighborhoods, including the West Village, Jones Beach, Cobble Hill Brooklyn, Coney Island. Each had vertical strip windows cut into the exterior and was powered by an external generator. The door and ramp opened and closed via hydraulic struts and the insides were lined inside with laminated cubes for shelves. Including merchandise and the necessary IT equipment, the 20’ x 8’ x 8’ LOT-EK container weighed approximately 15,000 pounds.

uniqlo container mobile store 03 Uniqlo | Unique Container Concept


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  1. Just correct the mistake: ‘Do they really cut truck tarpaulins to make a bag?’ Yes they did! ” – Yes they do.

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