Creative Opportunities captures Ugandan landscapes in new luxury ethical fashion collection

reprinted from Treehugger

Crop by David Peck’s “Common Threads” collection. Photo: Jaime Leigh Collier of Casa de Camera

Short for “Creative Opportunities,” Crop by David Peck is a Houston, Texas-based ethical fashion line and if their successful debut says anything about their future, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

For summer 2011, Peck transforms photojournalist Jaime Collier‘s images of villages, children, and living conditions in Uganda into fashion. The result: gorgeous prints on fair trade and certified organic materials in form-flattering silhouettes. Take a look:

Crop by David Peck goes beyond just using fair trade and/or certified organic materials, they collaborate with local artists and artisans and all of their fabrics are handmade by weavers; many of whom work on ancient looms more than 300 years old, which require only the energy of the weaver.

When it comes to silk, they opt for traditional milled silks, which they dye by hand with low-impact dyes. They often reuse the dyes and rinse water and also digitally print their garments.

Peck was drawn to the Ugandan landscape for his spring 2011 inspiration. According to the press release:

He transformed photos of everyday sights in Uganda — such as coffee beans drying in a hut, into a warm mosaic of soft reds, yellows and browns. The graphic abstract prints in blue, and black and white, evolved from photos depicting Ugandan villages and jungles at night.

Overall, the collection beautifully captures the bright images that served as the line’s inspiration while the classic silhouettes gives each garment long-term wearability, though Peck’s designs are similar to designs we’ve seen before:

Structured cap sleeves and textured prints bear a striking resemblance to classic Alexander McQueen, specifically his spring 2010 collection.

David Peck is pledging 10% of the net proceeds of his collection to Baylor International Pediatric Aids Initiative (BIPAI). You can shop the collection at their brand new online store, which features views of each garment from every angle.


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