New issue of Colors by Benetton’s Fabrica

Transport is definitely a key factor in our lives, but it looks like we don’t realize that 90% of our movements are made by oil powered vehicles and that we are running out of oil. Running out fast that is! What are we going to do when we’re without fuel?

Latest issue of COLORS answers this question while looking for alternative (and funny) means of transportation that don’t require oil, but just some creativity!

Thanks to COLORS 81, a real transport survival guide, we are going to meet people from every part of the world who have made alternative and environmentally sustainable vehicles with their own hands.


Issue #81

How do you make a boat from garbage? How do you carry fifteen people on a motorbike? How do you build a submarine in your attic? COLORS 81 explores where, why and how individuals are designing new ways of getting around.

The world’s transport systems are over 90% reliant on oil, and oil is running out. Whether driven by local constraints or simply chasing their dreams, the inventors we’ve found, their strange vehicles and extraordinary stories are proof of the power of human ingenuity to solve problems.


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