Culture Fund of Zimbabwe gave out over US $345,000 in grants

reprinted from ZimboJam

The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust has finally given its first round of 2011 funding for projects around the country, giving out a total of over US$345 000 to a total of 22 projects.

In coming up with the final list of 22 the Culture Fund board assessed over 170 project proposals requesting over USD 1 600 000 in funding. The last disbursement was in November 2010where the same number of projects received a total of US$86 000.

In a statement released last week, the Trust said; “In making the balance between supporting ‘little fires or bonfires’, the Culture Fund is investing in ideas and projects from individuals and organizations in the followingthematic areas: Gender & Arts Education; Training Development; National Pride Identity & Heritage; Community Empowerment; Human Rights & Artists Rights Promotion; Talent Search, Development & Showcasing; Leadership & Management  Skills Development; National Strategy For The Arts & Culture (Research & Lobbying); Production & Access to Markets and  Information Access & Knowledge Management.”

Cover in progress: Hello Harare! Aug 2011 with Priscilla Chigariro

The board expressed disappointment with the majority of grant applications saying they were “individualistic in nature and lacked visible impact within communities.”

It also stated that the general quality of applications remained poor and due to this, the Fund was looking to identify new and imaginative routes that will tap into existing Zimbabwean creativity and innovation without relying on grant applications.

The Fund also stated that it would prioritise the increasing of access to the arts, culture and creativity for more people, including those in outlying areas and was happy with the growth of partnerships with the corporate sector through joint support for projects such as the Jikinya Dance Festival with Delta and the annual Cover to Cover children writing competition with The Standard newspaper.

Below is a list of programmes and projects awarded 346,666.68 USD in grants by the Culture Fund Board presented along the Fund’s key results areas.  

Gender, Arts Education, Training Development

  1. Gallery Delta Foundation for the Arts and the Humanities
  2. I Dream Productions by Patience Tawengwa
  3. Zimbabwe Fashion Week by Priscilla Chigariro
  4. Female Literary Arts & Music Enterprise (FLAME) “16 days Programme”
  5. Children Arts Education Programme (Chipawo & Umkhathi)
  6. Cover to Cover Children’s Writing Competitions

National Pride Identity and Heritage Community Empowerment

  1. A Standard Shona-English Dictionary of Shona Names And Words by Professor George Kahari
  2. Mawirino Napasi by Stella Chiweshe
  3. Cecil John Rhodes Ndebele Cultural Village by David M Ngwenya

Community Empowerment

  1. Artists Festival Mobility Programme (AFMoP)

Funding will be availed on the following basis:

  1.  Festivals must be registered with NACZ and have proof of participation
  2. Assessment of artistic value of intended mobility
  3. Almega Textile Design Workshop

Talent Search, Development and Showcasing

  1. Support for talent search programmes within the culture sector
  2. Jikinya Traditional Dance Festival
  3. ZimFilm Programme (Culture Fund purchasing equipment for film sector )

Human Rights, Artists Rights Promotion

  1. Culture Sector Training and Capacity Building Programme

Leadership & Management  Skills Development

  1. Culture Sector Training and Capacity Building Programme

National Strategy For The Arts & Culture (Research & Lobbying)

  1. Sector Strategic Planning Meetings, Workshops and Initiatives

Production and Access to Markets

  1. Creative Arts Mobility Programme (CAMP)

Funding will be availed on the following basis:

  1. Proof of participation must be supplied
  2. Assessment of artistic value of intended mobility
  3. Music Recording Programme
  4. Production of tools & instruments for schools & groups and link with the schools programmes
  5. National Arts Gallery of Zimbabwe (the 2011 Gwanza Month of Photography)

Information Access & Knowledge Management

  1. Publicity of Arts and Culture sector activities through website, e-newsletters, research and resource centre

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