16 million eyes of ZBC viewers could add on several millions more

16 million eyes cannot be wrong. This is a catch phrase that follows a ZBC promo’s line about it’s 8 million viewers. 16 million eyes cannot be wrong.  And soon they could be joined by a couple more millions.

According to The Standard, a Zimbabwean periodical, tens of thousands of Zimbabwean households could have their access to South African television channels cut off, after a broadcaster approached the courts to force the nation’s signal career to change its encryption as this was prone to piracy.

Zimbabwe has the highest broadcast piracy rate in Africa of 92% as people use Wiztech and Philibao decoders to decrypt South African signal career, Sentech’s signals.

Sentech introduced Vivid decoders for South Africans who could not access its terrestrial signal. However, through Philibao and Wiztech decoders Zimbabweans gained access to South African television.

Sentech is the signal carrier for SABC television and radio stations, e.TV and a host of other free-to-air gospel television channels.

e.TV Botswana several weeks ago approached the Gauteng High Court in an effort to force Sentech to change its encryption so Zimbabwe, Malawi, Lesotho, Namibia, Angola and Mozambique could no longer have access to South African television.

Dan Rosengarten, an attorney for e.TV Botswana, has confirmed litigation to Business Report.

Papers were filed in court in April and Rosengarten said the matter would be heard in court either late July or early August.

A Sentech official said they had noticed five years ago that their currentcondition access (CA) system had been compromised due to installers who imported decoders with bridged software embedded into the box.

She said they were in the process of migrating into a more secure system.

Enjoying the perks of the inter-connected world.

With the decline at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and the dearth of broadcasting quality, millions of Zimbabweans have resorted to watching South African television.

Some readers of The Standard gave the following comments on the above article:

I do not speak of quality when referring to ZBC because it does not exist in the region of Matebeleland. Therefore we are mainly affected by the developments in South Africa and hope for positive outcome.

and another reader went as far as to state:

Whatever encryption you use…we will crack it in 2weeks.lol. some of us r watching DStv for FREE

DStv (“Digital Satellite Television”) is MultiChoice’s multi-channel digital satellite TV service in Africa, launched in 1995.

DSTV magazine July 2011 in a room of Crowne Plaza Monomotapa in Harare.

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