Kramatorsk. A Global Intersection

KRAMATORSK. A GLOBAL INTERSECTION (languages spoken Ukrainian, Russian, English, Mandarin, Japanese with subtitles in English, 35min.) (See Euro-zabor, )

This film by Andy Kozlov can be viewed in full on YouTube.

Eastern Ukraine is an overlooked by globalization-interested reporting region. This student documentary  attempts at revealing some aspects of the region that has been clichéd as post-Soviet for too long a period to take a note of some slow but significant long-run changes. (See Lufthansa Regional still gets Ukraine wrong)

The year 2010. In what relation is Ukraine to the world? (See Switch on Ukraine! To then do what?Post-Soviet nations gradually embrace high-speed overland transportation and South African training for Ukrainians)

Africa with its rapidly growing number of Christians and 16 of its states celebrating 50 years of post colonial independence is just a several-hours flight away. This is a partnership with China that despite some evident abuses contributes to human development in Africa and constitutes a valid and prospective alliance that makes former colonizers with some old-ways aspirations to be more prudent in relating with Africa. Does Ukraine want to learn from Africa’s experience?

The multi-polar world. China standing on the threshold of assuming a changing-the-way-the-world-operates role as the second largest market comes up with a fresh and innovative outlook to the Ukrainian strategic partnership debates (so much overburdened by the Russia-EU dilemma), by opening up academic institutions in Eastern Ukraine. See Manière de voir — Indispensable Afrique 108 / Décembre 2009 – janvier 2010 Numéro coordonné par Anne-Cécile Robert

21th century technologies vs the old ways of doing business. In the time when selling fashion sketches across the Atlantic by blogging in English helps bring up three children in an economy that is rapidly growing unsustainable because of the lack of new vision for the digital and environmentally-sensitive era we have entered.
The songs and tunes used in this video are as follows: Chanson en chinois-Merry Christmas and Chanson du slogan olympique _Un monde. Both songs can be found in the iTunes Store podcast “Apprendre le chinoise. Podcast chinois “.

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