The 10 Commandments of Development Communication

The 10 Commandments of Development Communication

Seeing, listening and contemplating, and action— these are the elements Cardinal Martini named as important for a spirituality of a Christian communicator. We at Steppes in Sync have expanded them into 10 commandments for a development communicator.

  1. Choose a place on Earth that is often overlooked by the international media.
    Become a native there. Then introduce it to the wider world.
  2. Learn a tongue that balances on the verge of extinction and do your best to make it blossom.
  3. Invest in a child from overseas. Educate her and ask your parents to help you.
  4. Make a friend in India and China (well, when that has been checked proceed to Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, Iran..).
  5. Become friends with at least two Muslim persons from two different countries.
  6. Learn to listen and listen to the poor on the streets of your area.
  7. Learn to listen and talk to the rich in your area.
  8. Keep reminding yourself that 80% of the events that take place in the world everyday remain unreported (80% may be a conjecture, but still the number is significant.)
  9. Remember the fate of the Norse in Greenland and the silvicultural success of the New Guineans, a  long predecessor to the so-called modern sustainability. (see Jared Diamond’s Collapse for details)
  10. Develop strong work ethic, self-discipline, master time management and have a clear purpose in what you do.



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