A short film about a Ukrainian student in Rome falling for a Rwandan girl as well as chasing an EU citizenship (in Italian)

Sometimes love can become a trap. Sometimes love is a calculation.

This short film is about an Ukrainian twenty-something Mykola who in the course of his internship in Rome falls in love with Geneviève, a  student from Rwanda. (See Libreria Griot: a sketch of Rome Multicultural) Mykola’s internship is almost over and his residence permit is about to expire. So, he devises a plan-to use the affection of Lucrezia, a girl from his company in Rome has for him and secure the EU citizenship for himself.

But our Ukie hero does not know that he has, actually, prepared a trap for himself and he is about to lose everything he has striven for in Italy. (See Hic Sunt Ukrainians: Europe’s East in the Tales of Its Young Africanist – an excerpt) This film is in Italian.


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